Dear SPIG participants,


As starting date of the SPIG 2008 is approaching we would like to inform you about some practical details regarding the Conference. Please read carefully the information below and if you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us.



The venue of the Conference is the Conference center “Master” (Address: Hajduk Veljkova 11) in Novi Sad.

The best way to reach Novi Sad is via Belgrade, since Belgrade can be reached by air, road and railway from major European cities. Note also that Novi Sad can be reached directly by train from Budapest or Vienna. Once in Belgrade, Novi Sad can be reached by train (for timetable visit or bus. We recommend you to take a bus, since there are buses from Belgrade to Novi Sad every half an hour or even less. For timetable visit the website (now available in English too!). The bus takes approx. 1.5 hour to reach Novi Sad. The one-way ticket price is in the range 490–730 din (6-9 Eur), which depends on the transportation company. There is also a possibility to use direct transportation from Belgrade airport to Novi Sad (price per car is 3000 din, around 40 euros, maximal four persons, see One who likes to use this opportunity should directly contact the “Ki-Ki travel agency” by e-mail



The preliminary Program is given on the Conference web-page.

For the invited (limited to 45 min) and topical (limited to 30 min) lectures as well as progress reports (limited to 20 min) we provide a video projector. We kindly ask all lecturers to give their presentation (preferably in power-point or pdf) to the responsible person in advance. Also, if someone needs overhead projector or other facilities please let us know as soon as possible.

We kindly ask lecturers to bring their papers to the conference in electronic and in printed form. Have in mind that the deadline for Invited lectures and Progress Report manuscripts is August 29, 2008 and we are not able to extend the deadline since we signed a contract with the publisher. Instruction for preparing manuscripts can be found on the web-site of the conference (link Instructions:

Poster presentation will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (afternoon). At the end of the Program there is a list of posters (numerated), please follow numbers of posters in the program. Note that posters should NOT exceed 90 cm in width.



We provided wireless internet access in “Master” center during the conference, i.e. participants will be able to use laptops to reach internet connection; also there will be two desktop computers. Both hotels, Sajam and Park, have internet connection.



Welcome cocktail will be on Sunday (from 20h to 21:30h) in the restaurant of “Master” center (next door to the conference hall). During the cocktail the registration desk will be open. Registration desk will be open also on Monday and Tuesday.



The conference photo will be made on Wednesday, 27 August 2008 at 12:20h. We ask participants to be in the “Master” center at that time.



The Excursion will be organized on Wednesday, 27 August 2008 to two Serbian Orthodox Monasteries (XVI c.) on Fruška Gora Mountain and to the near-by town Sremski Karlovci, where we will visit a small museum of apiculture (beekeeping) with tasting of home-made (local) wine. More details about Monasteries and Sremski Karlovci can be found at



Conference dinner will be in the restaurant of hotel Sajam on Thursday, 28 August 2008. There will be buffet-service with different kind of food (also vegetarian). We are going to arrange a local music, so-called 'tamburica', during the diner.


At the end we kindly ask the participants which have not filled and sent back the Questionnaire (sent on July 17, 2008) to do that urgently.


For more information (e.g. preliminary program, list of participants, accommodation, etc.), please visit the Conference Web ( page. If you have some particular questions please contact the organizers (



We wish you a pleasant travel and we are looking forward to seeing you in Novi Sad!



Local Organizing Committee