Invited Lectures (Preliminary list)



Section 1.



Stephen Buckman (Australia)

Low Energy Lepton Scattering - Recent Results for Electron and Positron Interactions


Gustavo García Gómez-Tejedor (Spain)

Thermalisation of high energy electrons and positrons in water vapour


Alejandro Saenz (Germany)

Atomic and Molecular Systems in Intense Ultrashort Laser Pulses


Markus Schoeffler (Germany)

Investigating few particle dynamic - atoms and molecules under the reaction microscope


Zoran Petrović (Serbia)

Modeling of Anomalous Doppler broadened Lines, Thermalization of Electrons and the role of Radicals in discharges at high E/N



Section 2.



Aldo Armigliato (Italy)

Characterization techniques for nano-electronics, with emphasis to electron microscopy. The role of the European Project ANNA


Jean-Pierre Gauyacq (France)

Theoretical study of excited electronic states at surfaces, link with photo-emission and photo-desorption experiments


Matthew Goeckner (USA)

Plasma-surface interactions


Zoran Mišković (Canada)

Interactions of ions with carbon nano-structures



Section 3.



Mirko Cernak (Czech Republic)

Physical and plasmachemical aspects of Diffuse Coplanar Surface Barrier Discharge as a novel atmospheeric-pressure plasma source


Uwe Czarnetzki (Germany)

Stochastic Heating in Capacitive Discharges and the PSR Effect


Volker Hoffmann (Germany)

Measurement of voltage and current in continuous and pulsed rf and dc glow discharges and their meaning for analytical applications


Anatoliy P. Napartovich (Russia)

Atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma: sources and applications


Antoine Rousseau (France)

Microplasmas and micro-jets



Section 4.



Kunoiki Mima (Japan)

Laser fusion research and related high energy density plasma researches at Osaka


Francesco Pegoraro (Italy)

Collisionless Kelvin - Helmholtz instability and vortex induced reconnection in the external region of the Earth magnetotail


Miloš Škorić (Japan)

Simulation Science for Fusion Plasma


Piero Rafanelli (Italy)

Multi-layer photoionization models of the nuclear and circumnuclear region of type 2 AGN




Topical Lectures (Preliminary list)



Section 1.



James Sullivan (Australia)

Low Energy Positron Scattering from Helium



Section 2.



Christoph Lemell (Austria)

Streaking Experiments at Solid Surfaces


Achim von Keudell (Germany)

Fundamental aspects in the plasma surface interaction during plasma sterilization


Philippe Roncin (France)

Surface and thin film analysis using Grazing Incidence Fast Atom Diffraction (GIFAD)



Section 3.



Giorgio Dilecce (Italy)

Advances in spectroscopic diagnostics of dielectric barrier discharges


Vladimir Fortov (Russia)

Pressure-Temperature Ionization of the Nonideal Plasmas


Akira Kobayashi (Japan)

Smart Coating Technology by Gas Tunnel Type Plasma Spraying


Deborah O Connell (Germany)

Excitation and Ionisation dynamics in high-frequency plasmas


Edward Steers (United Kingdom)

Effects of traces of molecular gases (e.g. hydrogen, nitrogen) in glow discharges in noble gases


Victor Tarasenko (Russia)

Supershort avalanche electron beams and x-ray in high-pressure nanosecond discharges



Section 4.



Dolores Calzada-Canalejo (Spain)

Spectroscopy methods applied to the research in plasmas at atmospheric pressure




Progress Reports (Preliminary list)



Florian Aigner (Austria)

Decoherence in the diffraction of helium at surfaces


Antonios Antoniou (Greece)

Kinematical parameters in the coronal and post-coronal regions of the Oe stars


Duško Borka (Serbia)

Channeling of protons through carbon nanotubes


Nenad Bundaleski (France)

Collisions of ions with insulator surfaces: charging and discharging dynamics


Iztok Čadež (Slovenia)

Processes with neutral hydrogen and deuterium molecules relevant to edge plasma in tokamaks


Saša Dujko (Serbia)

The Multi-term Boltzmann Equation Analysis of Non-conservative Electron Transport in Time-dependent Electric and Magnetic Fields


Richard Engeln (The Netherlands)

Unraveling the importance of surface association to the formation of molecules in recombining plasma


Eva Kovačević (Germany)

The nanoparticle formation in hydrocarbon plasmas


Gordana Majstorović (Serbia)

Spectroscopic measurements оf hydrogen rotational, vibrational and translational temperatures in a hollow cathode glow discharge


Dragana Petrović (Belgium)

Modeling of a dielectric barrier discharge USED as a flowing chemical reactor


Violeta Petrović (Serbia)

Expert systems for electron energy-loss spectra analysis


Nevena Puač (Serbia)

Development, diagnostic and applications of radio-frequency plasma reactors


Saša Simić (Serbia)

Variability of GRB light curve: Shock wave model modification


Vladimir Stojanović (Serbia)

Modelling of townsend discharges at high E/N and low pressure


Miroslava Vukčević (Montenegro)

Confinement and anisotropy of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays in isotropic plasma wave turbulence


Alexander F. Zakharov (Russia)

Γ-radiation from the galactic center: dark matter annihilation or more conservative astrophysical models?