Travel Information


Belgrade can be reached by air, road and rail from major European cities. Novi Sad can be reached directly by train from Budapest or Vienna, or via Belgrade by train (for timetable visit or bus. We recommend you to take a bus from Belgrade, since there are buses from Belgrade to Novi Sad every half an hour or even less. For timetable visit the website (now available in English too!). The bus takes approx. 1.5 hour to reach Novi Sad. The one-way ticket price is in the range 490–730 din (6-9 Eur), which depends on the transportation company.


There is also a possibility to use direct transportation from Belgrade airport to Novi Sad (price per car is 3000 din, around 40 euros, maximal four persons, see One who likes to use this opportunity should directly contact the “Ki-Ki travel agency” by e-mail


The map of Novi Sad with Conference centre “Master” and the recommended hotels (marked in red) can be downloaded from here.



Getting around in Belgrade


For getting to Belgrade city center from the airport "Nikola Tesla", we recommend you to use the JAT airport bus (which leaves every full hour e.g. at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, etc.) that will take you directly to the Belgrade train station (the bus station is right next to it) and the square “Slavija”. The price of the bus is around 200 din (2.5 Eur). Taxi from the airport should cost around 10 Eur, but please note that there are some taxi drivers that would like to charge you more than usual, so before getting into the taxi ask for the price. Due to this fact, we advise you to use the JAT airport bus. Check this website for all details how to get from the airport to the city:


The cost for the ticket in the Belgrade public transportation is approx. 40 din (0.5 Eur) and can be purchased from the bus driver. Taxi in Belgrade is not expensive (e.g. from the airport to the city center is approx 12-15 Eur, from the Train station to the city center 6-7 Eur).



Visa requirements


Citizens of the most countries do not need a visa, but all information about visa regulations in our country could be found on the following web site



The exchange rate


The rate is usually the same in every exchange office and it is approx. 1 euro = 80 din and 1 dollar = 50 din (check here for the exact rates on the current date)