The SPIG will be held in Novi Sad, in the Conference centre “Master” (http://www.sajam.net/live/Kongresni_centar).

The map of Novi Sad with Conference centre “Master” and the recommended hotels (marked in red) can be downloaded from here.

Also, the bigger map of Novi Sad with legend explaining the sightseeings can be found on the following link http://www.novisadtourism.com/Mapa/Mapa21.jpg.





Novi Sad is the capital of the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina, and the administrative centre of the South Bačka District. It is Serbia's second-largest city, after Belgrade. The city is located on the border of the Bačka and Srem regions, on the banks of the Danube river and Danube-Tisa-Danube Channel, while facing the northern slopes of Fruška Gora mountain. Since it was founded in 1694, Novi Sad became the centre of Serbian culture and earned its nickname Serbian Athens. Today, Novi Sad is a large industrial and financial centre of the Serbian economy, and it is also one of the biggest construction sites in the region. Novi Sad has a moderate continental climate, autumn is longer than spring, and summer is warm.


With a burgeoning Fine Arts and Music Academy, Novi Sad is also home to the Vojvodina Museum which houses regional exhibits from the Paleolithic to late 19th century, with an emphasis on relics from WWI and WWII. The center of the city is located on the banks of The Danube, above which, on volcanic rock, is rising the Petrovaradin Fortress (dating back some 600 years ago). Its labyrinth construction is complete with alleys, bulwarks, trenches, gates, and underground passages and tunnels to explore. Gallery of Matica Srpska is the biggest art gallery in the city. There is also The Gallery of Fine Arts- Gift Collection of Rajko Mamuzić and The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection- one of the biggest collections of Serbian art from 1900s until 1970s.


Besides sight-seeing, Novi Sad offers various etno-restaurants with the unique cuisine of Vojvodina, influenced by Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian spices and tradition. Many restaurants serve these delicious etno-meals to the accompaniment of a tamburitza orchestra. Novi Sad is a perfect combination of urban sophistication and bohemian relaxation.

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